Get (un)Swolt

I did a little too much celebrating that I wasn’t showing any signs of swelling yet as compared to last time. Hubris, it’s a bitch.

I’ve had a really stressful week. Just feels like anything that can go wrong has gone wrong this week. Plus it suddenly stopped being Winter this week, skipped Spring, and went straight on into Summer. Add to that a show at the DPAC Wednesday night with lots of stairs and an antipasto tray from Whole Foods with delicious (but salty) olives and BOOM, my sister noticed that my ankles were swollen yesterday afternoon.

Last night I weighed myself and I was FIVE POUNDS heavier than I was for my appointment on Tuesday. Obviously I started to freak out, (when you gain 22 pounds in two weeks and then have to have your first kid ten weeks early, an intense amount of water weight gain in a short amount of time is the last thing you want) but I told myself to just drink as much water as possible and wear my beautiful compression hose and see where I stood in the morning.

Luckily, this time, it really was my salt intake and the heat that contributed to my swelling. After waking up to pee about every hour last night, I woke up this morning back at my weigh in weight on Tuesday. Plus my ankles are back to normal.


(Sorry for the state of my feet. I’m getting a pedicure soon. But I really wanted to have a record of my swelling this time.)


Ahh yes, the super fun part of pregnancy where the first trimester symptoms wain but you’re not really feeling movement yet. Which leads to the daily question, “am I really pregnant?” I had an OB check today. And sure enough, there was a heartbeat. I always do this to myself. 

I asked today’s doctor for a note to take to parking so I can hopefully stop lugging my work stuff halfway across campus and irritating my sciatic nerve. I’ll head over there this afternoon. (Bets now on whether or not this will be an easy process or if they’ll be jerks like they were last pregnancy?) Doctor also recommended physical therapy and prenatal yoga. We’ll see. I have a massage gift certificate left over from Christmas that I’ll use as a birthday treat here in the next couple of weeks.

I also asked about (TMI alert) something to help with this blasted constipation. I take stool softeners twice a day and they’re doing nothing. We’ve talked about getting a squatty potty, but we still haven’t pulled the trigger there. I get to add Miralax to my twice daily medicines/supplements. She also recommended drinking orange juice instead of eating a banana every morning (which I do for the potassium bc the charlie horses have already started) but I pointed out that the acidity will probably make me even more nauseous than I (STILL ) am.

I also clarified a few things about delivery. I need to be delivered in my 37th week, not TO THE DAY, so we can schedule my c-section hopefully for 9/27. We can’t schedule until 32 weeks, but it’s nice to know that we will be able to choose from dates later in the week so Dan doesn’t have to take too much time off while I’m in the hospital and can spend as much time as possible with us at home that first week.

I love being able to look back at this blog and recall things. For instance, I started swelling between 16 and 17 weeks last time, this time? I still have beautifully svelte ankles! (I’m ignoring the fact that between 16 and 17 weeks with Juliet was late May and not early May, I’m just taking it!)

I am starting to feel some movement. Just a few “ploop ploops” here and there but I know it’s about to start really amping up in the next few weeks.

I’m also slowing my roll with bump photos this time and will only do monthly photos to match up with what I put on the side scroll for Juliet. So, enjoy this comparison!


Anatomy screen is in TWO WEEKS! Yay! I can’t wait to tell Juliet what kind of sibling she’s getting. She’s so sweet. She has taken to giving my belly hugs every day and telling that baby that she loves them. This has already been such a neat experience with her and it’s only going to get better. (I cannot wait until she feels the baby move for the first time!)

Big Sister Advice

“It will be cold when you’re alive, so make sure you always bring a sweater.”

February 7, 2018: I was already going to Target to get Juliet a bathing suit since she was going to be starting swim lessons that evening. I decided to finally give in and get a pregnancy test. I took the test in the Target bathroom, threw it in my purse, and headed out to my car. By the time I got there, the test basically shouted “PREGNANT” at me. Just like last time, I told Dan in the most eloquent of fashion. I made him get up from a staff lunch at the Olive Garden after texting him a picture of the positive test. We talked, he gushed, I freaked. This is weird, right? I haven’t been pregnant in SEVEN YEARS. But, there is a reason pregnancy lasts for 9 months, it gives you time to get used to the idea. I called my doctor to schedule a viability scan and to get a script for blood thinners.

March 2, 2018: Viability Scan shows ONE baby! Thank goodness! Due date is marked for October 14, 2018, but delivery will have to be sooner, closer to the last week in September. I then have about a million vials of blood taken, including my glucola screen, which, who knew? But hey, if it means not having to take it again, I’m down!

Llama Scan 1 March 2

March 8, 2018: I meet with my OG Lady Doctor. I’m so excited she can be a part of this baby’s journey. She’s a nurse practitioner who previously worked out of clinics, so I had to upgrade to an actual OB last time. Now she’s at the High Risk practice I have to go to. She’s THRILLED. I’m thrilled that it’s her that breaks the news to me that one of those vials of blood from last week tells us that I’m a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis. Dan has to be tested to see if he’s a carrier. Scary stuff, but I feel like I take it in stride. Oh, and Momm is at this appointment asking ALL the questions. Most of them having to do with detecting pre-eclampsia and how they’d handle it if it happens again. Hoping the twice daily blood thinners and the baby aspirin I have to start taking at 12 weeks kicks any Pre-e to the ground. PLUS I have been SO nauseous this go around. I didn’t have any nausea with Juliet. According to our good friend the internet, this is a sign that the placenta attached properly.

April 3, 2018: 1st Trimester Screen. Still ONE baby! Cristin (Aunt Didi) and Juliet are at the appointment with me. It’s so wonderful to be able to share this experience with Juliet, even if the baby is still so small she can’t really figure out where the baby is on the screen. Like Juliet, this one doesn’t cooperate well during the ultrasound. But we are able to capture a few decent images.

Llama Scan 1 April 3.png

This is also the appointment where I have to talk to the genetic counselors bc not only am I a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis, I also am a carrier for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. An order is prepared for Dan so he can be tested to see if he’s also a carrier. If he isn’t, there is a very minimal chance the baby will be born with these genetic disorders. If he is a carrier, well then we have to start thinking about scarier things like amniocentesis. But that’s a bridge we’ll cross if we have to. I have MORE blood taken to check the baby for Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18. And I threw in a gender test just for fun.

April 10, 2018: I called the genetic counselor to let her know Dan had been tested and to be on the lookout for his results. She happily informed me that my results from the week before had come back and the baby tested negative for Downs and the Trisomys! She also told me what the gender blood test was predicting so that’s fun to know. We won’t share that news until after our anatomy screen on May 15, since the test is only 98% accurate.

So, that brings us to today. This whole thing is very surreal to me, but I’m getting more and more used to the idea of it every day. I’m still nauseous. Still exhausted. Still irritable. But everyone assures me that this means I’m actually having a normal pregnancy this time! Yippee!

12 Months

Oh baby girl, how far we’ve come.

Weight: 18 pounds, 8 ounces

Height: 27.25 inches

From birth, Juliet has gained almost 16 pounds and has grown a whole foot!

We had her birthday party over the weekend and our munchkin sure was spoiled! There were so many people there to help us celebrate and Juliet partied hard!

The walkway leading up to my parent’s house.

We’re constantly dropping houses on people’s sisters…

Munchkin’s throne

Cakes! Birthday Sheet Cake from Bj’s Wholesale Club and Rainbow Smash Cake made by me!

We served up BBQ food but needed some Rainbow Fruit Skewers to stay on theme!

I realized that not all kids eat like mine, so we loaded up on some PB&J’s too.

(Good thing, there were only 4 left!)

Beer & Juice Boxes, the perfect pairing.

She really went after her cake!

That’s my girl!

She let us know when she was done!

We tried to get a picture of all the kiddos, but some just weren’t too thrilled.

Like I said, spoiled.

The present aftermath!

Goodie Bags:
1) Animal Crackers (Lions & Tigers & Bears, OH MY!)
2) Lollipops (Represent the Lollipop Guild!)
3) Bubbles (couldn’t really think of a cute saying)

Our tired, but happy, family of 3!

Juliet’s First Birthday Party, and First Year of Life was a resounding success.

I cannot wait for more years to come!

Also, I should note, that by her official birthday, Juliet still had not one tooth. Her very first tooth finally made an appearance on Tuesday, August 28. It’s her bottom left front tooth and the doctor told us that her top two middle teeth are also on the verge of popping through. Go big, or go home, I suppose!

We have our one-year check-in at Duke next week with her NICU doctors. I’m sure they’re going to be crazy impressed by her progress!


(all photos taken by my sister, without whom I would have absolutely NO pictures of my child’s birthday.)



One Whole Year

11 Months

Oh baby girl. Less than a month to go and you’ll be one! An actual number in front of year, not months! It’s ok that I’m in super denial, yes?

I know I’m totally late writing thing, but oh well.

Estimated Weight is 19 pounds. I cannot believe how much weight you’ve gained lately. It probably has something to do with the whole eating like a horse thing. Seriously, some days, it’s like I can’t get enough food in you! You’re eating two 8-ounce bottles a day and the rest is all solid food.

New this month:

  • super loud squealing and loving to be chased. It is hilarious and will continue to be until always.
  • The teeth are coming! Any day now, seriously this time. We can see them working their way up your gums and we’re hoping the break through by your birthday.

Prepping for smash cake. Homegirl LOVES cake.

Got inked at a birthday party.

Sneaking kisses.

Only 20 more days and you’ll be 1! I’m stupid excited about your party.


Oh, you know, just a compilation of her monthly photos. No big deal.