Starting Weight: 205.8

Current weight: 195.0

Well, I was able to lose a little over 10 pounds for the 10 pound blog challenge. Admittedly, I did’t quite lose the 20 pounds I thought would slide off so easily.

Turns out, once you get older, weight likes to hang around. Who knew?

While I’m happy to be under 200 pounds, I would be MUCH happier to be able to fit comfortably into clothing that’s not made for pregnant ladies. Seeing as the munchkin is on the verge of being 8 months old, I’ve decided to amend my weight loss aspirations.

By the munchkin’s first birthday, I would like to:

  • not be wearing maternity clothing
  • weigh in around 175 pounds.

That’s around 5 pounds a month. Totally doable, yes? I hope so!

I also hope that something kick starts in my┬ámetabolism and on August 26, I’ll see a number lower than 175 on the scale!



Today, a condensed version of Juliet’s birth story and NICU stay is featured over on Life As We Know It‘s blog. The story is part of her series that benefit the March of Dimes.

Go, check it out.

And if you can, please consider donating to the March of Dimes.


Seven Months

I cannot believe that my baby is now closer to being a year old than she is to birth.

So very much has happened in this past month. Juliet is really starting to show us that she’s growing up!

First up, Juliet has figured out that to get where she wants to go, she can roll there. She now has her very own pillow fort, b/c Mama is NOT ready for her to be mobile.

Next, Juliet has found her feet! And all without teaching her how to pull off her socks. That was the advice from her physical therapist that would get her interested in her tootsies. What a terrible thing to teach! Mama knew it wouldn’t take long to get her interested!

After that, Juliet began sitting up on her own!

I’m not sure if you noticed, but she did ALL of those things on the same day, in rapid succession. Smarty Pants.

Juliet had to get a flu shot today and even though they were just going to stick her and send us on our merry way, I made them weigh her. She now weighs 14.5 pounds!

If we adjust her age and look at her weight based on that of a full term five month old, she would be between the 25th & 50th percentiles.

If we don’t adjust her age, and compare her weight to that of a full term seven month old, she’s between the 5th & 10th percentiles! She’s on the charts! Now to get her to the middle of those charts and Mama can breathe easy.

I can’t wait to see where we’ll be in a month’s time, seeing as so much happened developmentally this past month.

One thing’s for certain, sunny days are here to stay and that means a lot more baby sunglasses are in our future!


Six Month roundup

Juliet had her six month check-up with her NICU doctors this week. Let’s compare, shall we?

Birth Weight: 2 pounds, 10 ounces (1200 grams)

Six Months: 12 pounds, 10 ounces (5735 grams)

Birth Height: 15 inches (? honestly, that’s still a blur)

Six Months: 23 inches

First, we met with a physical therapist. A first for Juliet! The PT was really impressed with Juliet’s rolling abilities. She’s not so impressed with her sitting abilities. We were sent on our merry way with strict instructions and exercises. Since Juliet’s legs are more developed and WAY stronger than her belly, we’re not allowed to let Juliet stand on our laps anymore until she’s sitting on her own, unsupported. A small price to pay to help with her development. If she doesn’t develop her core now, her standing unassisted and eventual walking will be delayed. As much as I joke about not being ready for Juliet’s mobility, I certainly don’t want it to be delayed.

We’re also supposed to get Juliet interested in her feet. You would think my six month old would love her feet. Quite the opposite. She loves hands. She loves holding her own hands but especially loves holding our hands. Especially when she’s eating!

After her Physical Therapy we met with her neonatal doctor. When he came into the room, you could tell her was shocked at her progress! He was the doctor that agreed with me when I put my foot down and said “She needs to come home!” He was impressed that she’s obviously thriving since coming home. He’s concerned that with the introduction of solid foods, her weight will begin to taper off. Seeing as she’s still gulping down 25-30 ounces of formula and eating up to three packets of solids a day, I don’t really see her weight going anywhere but up!

It’s still so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that in six, short months, Juliet went from this:

to this:

Looking at the difference in these pictures really has me excited to see how much she’ll change in another six months!


Six Months

I’m just going to go ahead and say it…this baby is half a year old

I’m actually starting to believe that I’m not going to be able to handle this growing up thing. Let’s just go ahead and freeze her now.

Six Month Stats:

Weight: 12 pounds 7.5 ounces

Height: 23.25 inches

Head circumference: 41.25 centimeters

(compare to 4-month stats)

She’s JUST under the percentiles for a full-term 6-month old for height and weight. But that head circumference? 12th percentile! I’m certain she will catch up by her 9-month well baby check.

For all those keeping track, Juliet is just shy of gaining 10 pounds since birth. Most babies double their birth weight by 6 months. Juliet has more than quadrupled hers!

Juliet can now roll front to back and back to front. When we put her down to sleep, she always goes down on her back and will then flip herself onto her stomach. Scary at first, but after numerous flipping her back only to watch her flip over again before we got out of the room, and after checking with the doctor, we’re leaving her be. The general theory is that if she can get herself onto her belly in her sleep, she’s strong enough to be ok.

She’s also starting to notice toys. My parents got her a tiger stuffed animal from the circus and she loves that thing. She’s constantly chewing on its ear.

The doctor gave us the go ahead for her to start eating 2nd foods. She’d also like us to introduce puffs/cheerios soon to help her with her dexterity. She needs to learn how to grab small objects.

We were advised to continue to keep her out of daycare until May as the flu has not yet hit here in NC. Blame the mild winter! Juliet ended up getting a flu shot today, along with 3 other vaccine shots and one oral vaccine. She’ll go back in on Friday to get her RSV booster. Speaking of which, that could very well be her last RSV booster of the season!

Bottom Line: my baby is growing up. This is all at once awesome for her and sad for me.


Previous Weight: 199.4

Current Weight: 197.4

Total Weight Lost: 8.4 pounds

This week’s milestone’s include:

  • weighing less than 200 pounds on the doctor’s scales, fully clothed and wearing boots.

Yep, that’s pretty much it. That’s like the best present, ever.

This little girl…

…is now 6 months old. I don’t know how that happened. She has her 6-month well-baby visit on Wednesday where she’s getting all.the.shots. I’ll update everyone on Juliet’s Operation: Gain Some Baby Weight after that appointment.


Well, it’s happened. My husband is no longer my Valentine.

Juliet had me send a picture to her Daddy this morning asking him to be her Valentine. He said, “of course, she didn’t even have to ask!”

Oh well. At least we had a nice 6-year run!

Happy Valentine’s Day!