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I had to get a cavity filled yesterday.

I was supposed to get it filled back in March but I was only 7 weeks pregnant and my dentist wanted to to postpone it until I was firmly into my 2nd trimester.

So, armed with advice from my doctor (No Epinephrine!) I finally got to get my cavity filled. Whoopee.

The partially numb face was fun though.


I’m trying really hard to stay in relatively good shape during my pregnancy but it’s hard, yo.

I do some arm exercises to keep my arms tone for the summer. Lots of heat and sleeveless shirts are in my future!

I also try to walk with my Mom 2-3 times a week.

But guys, forgive the whine, it’s getting hot. And sticky. And I’m tired.

Any motivation suggestions? Aside from having a kick-ass baby at the end of this?


Speaking of kick-ass babies…

My friend Lori had her baby boy on May 11 (so close to having a birthday buddy!) and let me tell you, this kid is adorable.

The first time I went to visit he pretty much screamed in my face the entire time.

But on Monday? We had several solid hours of snuggles. And Lori and I were able to have girl time and oh! I’m just so excited to have one of those for my own!


Ozzy is starting to act out. Animals are so weird.

My cats love me and won’t leave me alone.

But Ozzy is reverting back to puppy antics and it’s stressful and I just don’t know what to do about it.


I have to pee…a lot.

That gets worse, doesn’t it?



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