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It’s about to get all sorts of TMI up in here.

You’ve been warned.

Y’all know what a skin tag is?

Well, I’ve had a few of them pre-pregnancy. They’re usually in uncomfortable places like my bra strap line. No biggie. I can deal.

Well, ever since getting knocked up, I’ve noticed more and more skin tags popping up…in increasingly¬†uncomfortable¬†locations.

There’s several on my boobs.

One in my armpit right where the underwire of my bra hits (owie).

But the piece de resistance?

The HALF INCH skin tag in my groin.

Right where my underwear hits.

Can we stop and talk about how long a half an inch is?


That. That line right there is half an inch. Imagine that being right next to your underwear and having it snag EVERY TIME you go to the bathroom.

Maybe I should explain how many times a day I go to the bathroom? It’s not even 10:30 and I’ve been to the bathroom 8 times already this morning.

That’s a lot of snag.

They’re supposed to go away naturally after delivery. But I can’t take this one much longer. I made a dermatologist appointment for July 20.



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