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In two months, my baby will be a year old.


Let me put that a different way. In the same amount of time that she was in the hospital, my 2.5 pound munchkin will be one year old.

Those 62 days were the longest days of my life. I have a feeling the next 62 days will be some of the shortest.

This month didn’t pack quite the punch that last month did developmentally, but she sure is hitting her stride.

She’s continuing to crawl like a pro. No more worm crawl, she is straight up crawling now. And homegirl is fast. Gone are the days of putting her down and trusting that she won’t get into any trouble. And forget about putting her down, turning your back, and thinking she’ll still be in that same location. She wants to play! And she wants to play with what she wants to play with when she wants to play with it! Since she’s super into standing now, this means she always wants to be at her activity table. ¬†Which means Mama and Daddy have to be within arms reach at all times. Although she’s mastered getting herself from standing to sitting, that doesn’t mean she still won’t forget what she was doing and lose her balance and bonk her head. I’ve always been of the camp that babies fall and babies should shake it off, but man, sometimes it’s hard to cheer and act like nothing happened when all you want to do is swoop in and comfort them. It will pay off in the long run, (mama doesn’t need a needy baby) but for now it’s a constant struggle to redirect her attention when she’s fallen.

We’re also trying to get her to learn how to use her feet to walk. She’s not really getting it yet, but that too is only a matter of time.

Her little brain is catching up to her physical development. She’s been experimenting with syllables. Most famously the “da” syllable, which makes my husband feel like he’s king of the world. She’s not saying it in context yet, but you wouldn’t know that if you talked to her Daddy!

We’ve graduated from eating food from a spoon to strict finger foods, three times a day. Still no teeth yet, but that doesn’t stop her from chowing down on any food we put in front of her. Well, not all food. She’s not a fan of her veggies. Her meals look like this:


  • Fruit (bananas are her favorite but she will put away a half cup of blueberries in a flash)
  • Buttered Toast
  • Sausage (I get the heat and eat type)
  • Sippy cup of water


  • Veggies (steamed carrots, squash, broccoli, and cauliflower)
  • Chicken or Ham
  • Fruit
  • Sippy cup of water


  • Pretty much the same as lunch

I find that it’s easy and hard when you begin to feed your baby real food. We get mostly frozen things that can be easily heated. Her chicken is actually chicken fries that I heat up and then cut into bite size pieces. Most of her fruit is from the freezer aisle. It’s easier and we can buy in bulk! Because she’s not really liking her veggies, I recently got some of those Green Giant steamer bags where the veggies steam up in a cheese sauce. We’re having a bit better luck with that!

She’s still getting three bottles of formula every day. Usually an hour or two after her solids. We took her from 6oz bottles up to 8oz bottles and she’s doing great! She’ll still get formula, as per her doctor’s orders until she’s 14 months, or corrected aged one year.

Still no teeth and no hair, but all things come in stride. We won’t have another check up until one year so no real stats on height or weight, but she’s most likely between 17 and 18 pounds now.

I just cant believe I only have two more months to plan her Wizard of Oz birthday party! Time flies just as quickly as monkeys!



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