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This weekend marked my first nesting it. I’m sure many will follow.

Dan and a friend moved the furniture around between the guest room (now nursery) and the game room (now game/guest room) earlier last week. All that was left was to get the closets in Monkey’s room all cleaned out. We shoved a whole bunch of stuff in there when we moved in (almost 3 years ago!) and we’ve never dealt with it.

I woke up way too early on Saturday and what started as a search for my Victoria’s Secret card (need some more antibacterial soap and my Vicky’s card also works at Bath & Body works!) turned into a full on assault of the un-dealt with piles of crap!

Dan and I even stopped by my Mom & Dadd’s old house to get my baby trunk. I found my old Peter Rabbit baby spoons and I had already had the idea to start a little spoon for Monkey with my Mary Poppins spoon from my grandmother’s silver collection. How wonderful for my little BabySpoon to have a LittleSpoon collection?

I also found the journal my mother kept when she was pregnant with me and during my first year. Since there is a lot of room left in the book, I thought it would be neat to continue it and write to Monkey. I have to say, I’m super excited about this!

So, the nursery is started! We need to get a crib and changing table and then I can start decorating!

Current state of the nursery:



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