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but y’all, my baby is BEAUTIFUL!

Check it:



Look at those lips! She’s totally got her Daddy’s profile!

She was moving up a storm and at the very end of our ultrasound she just flipped her feet over her head and curled up into a little ball, as if to say “All done! Going to sleep now!”

This one is my absolute favorite. Just look at those tiny hands covering up her face! She was not happy to be poked and prodded with that ultrasound wand!

And would you take a look at that flat, wide foot? Guess her profile isn’t the only thing she’s inheriting from her Daddy!



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This nesting business is starting to get a bit ridiculous.

I woke up early on Saturday and decided it was finally time to clean my two disgusting bathrooms.

I started with the guest bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned since my brother-in-law lived with us in May. I spent a lot of time hunched over cleaning out that tub. Then I moved onto the toilet, which took about the same amount of hunched-over time seeing as it’s Dan’s primary bathroom since it’s next to his game room. Boys…I’m so glad Monkey is a girl, I can’t even fully explain that to you.

So, after the guest bath was done, I needed to take a break b/c Dan told me to wake him at 9:30 so we could go for a walk.

In between cleaning and walking, my back started spasming. But, it was manageable so when we got back from our walk, I moved onto the master bath.

Cue more hunched over scrubbing.

Once my bathrooms sparkled, I laid down for midday nap.

When I awoke, I couldn’t walk more than 3 steps without my back spasming and losing my breath. I mean, it hurt, it hurt bad.

I needed help to get in and out of bed. I needed help getting off the toilet. I needed help simply rolling over in bed.

It was bad. But it’s way better now, thank goodness!

But now, I’m aware that I need to be more aware of this giant belly and the added strain it puts on my back.

I’m also aware that I need to clean my bathrooms WAY more often.


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21 Weeks

Monkey is currently the size of:

A Large Banana (I’m assuming length-wise)

A Carrot (again, going length-wise here)

Monkey Milestones:

  • Weighs more than 10 ounces (the doctor said she was measuring at 9oz at our our 19 week check-up) and is slightly longer than 7 inches. (hence all the length-wise fruit/veggie comparisons this week)
  • She has eyebrows now! Let’s hope she gets Daddy’s faint eyebrows instead of Mama’s prominent unibrow!
  • B/c she’s a girl (hope y’all didn’t miss that announcement) she currently has her lifetime supply of 6 million (!) eggs.
  • Is kicking up a storm! At least, that’s what I hope kicks feel like. Every time I try to put my hand on my stomach to feel those delicious kicks from the outside, she stops kicking. Although, I did wake up last night to find one of my cats slap up against my belly and Monkey was just a-kicking away at her!

Mommy Milestones:

  • I’m a waddling machine. It takes me a LOT longer to get places right now and I know it’s only going to get worse.
  • I am in no way joking when I say this: Stairs are my mortal enemy. I have to up and down one flight of stairs several times a day for work and every time I get to the top I’m gasping for breath like I’ve just run a 5k or something.
  • I usually fall asleep between 8:30 and 9 nowadays, am up between 1 & 2 to pee, again at 4 to pee, and then up for the day between 6 & 6:30. I have no need for an alarm clock anymore b/c this little girl is my own personal alarm clock.
  • My parents got an above ground pool and it is my little slice of heaven. It helps with my swollen ankles (ankles, what ankles) and it’s fun to feel Monkey swimming around while I’m swimming around.
  • Mosquitos LOVE me right now. I’m attributing it to the extra blood pumping through my body. I’m looking for a supplement or non-toxic repellant if anyone has any suggestions.

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It’s a…

So, we’re caving in and telling people that we do in fact know Monkey’s gender.

We were able to find out at our last ultrasound, but we told everyone we weren’t able to in order to better keep our little secret.

However, an opportunity has come along that we can’t pass up. An opportunity to receive, free of charge, a gender-specific stroller and car seat in mint conditions from friends of ours. Luckily, that gender specific color happens to match Monkey’s gender. And since, I know that a lot of people will be confused that we would not be registering for a car seat and stroller, we decided it would be best to skip the questions and just tell everyone!

So, I will not prolong the suspense.

Introducing, a very indecent Monkey:


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20 Weeks

Otherwise known as HALFWAY!

Monkey is currently the size of a:

Butternut Squash 


Monkey Milestones:

  • Monkey can hear me talking! I drove into work this morning by myself and was listening to the Broadway channel and just singing along. Pretty soon, I could feel Monkey just a tap-tap-tapping away!
  • Ooh, Monkey is producing Meconium! Awesome. I look forward to changing those first diapers…
  • Monkey is swallowing away! And apparently can taste now too! Hope Monkey likes spicy food! (who am I kidding, this is my husband’s child after all)
  • Apparently, Monkey’s heartbeat is so strong now that we can hear it with a stethoscope! Quick! Someone get me a stethoscope!
Mommy Milestones:
  • This is more of a Daddy milestone, but Dan felt Monkey kick for the first time! He came to bed Monday night and went to spoon me, as per usual, and felt Monkey kicking! I’m so glad he’s the first besides me to feel little Monkey! I just wish I had been awake!
  • Monkey is kicking up a storm now and just generally swimming all around, all the time. Keep it coming little one! It eases my fears!
  • I made Dan drive across town last night to get me Chicken McNuggets b/c I only at them with hot mustard dipping sauce and I knew that the one right down the street was out. He only grumbled a little bit!







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This weekend marked my first nesting it. I’m sure many will follow.

Dan and a friend moved the furniture around between the guest room (now nursery) and the game room (now game/guest room) earlier last week. All that was left was to get the closets in Monkey’s room all cleaned out. We shoved a whole bunch of stuff in there when we moved in (almost 3 years ago!) and we’ve never dealt with it.

I woke up way too early on Saturday and what started as a search for my Victoria’s Secret card (need some more antibacterial soap and my Vicky’s card also works at Bath & Body works!) turned into a full on assault of the un-dealt with piles of crap!

Dan and I even stopped by my Mom & Dadd’s old house to get my baby trunk. I found my old Peter Rabbit baby spoons and I had already had the idea to start a little spoon for Monkey with my Mary Poppins spoon from my grandmother’s silver collection. How wonderful for my little BabySpoon to have a LittleSpoon collection?

I also found the journal my mother kept when she was pregnant with me and during my first year. Since there is a lot of room left in the book, I thought it would be neat to continue it and write to Monkey. I have to say, I’m super excited about this!

So, the nursery is started! We need to get a crib and changing table and then I can start decorating!

Current state of the nursery:


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19 Weeks

I would totally go through the usual weekly stuff with you, but you guys…


Unfortunately, my appointment was scheduled WAY too early for my stubborn little Monkey and we weren’t able to get any better pictures than this b/c Monkey was laying so close to the placenta.

However, fortunately this means that b/c they weren’t able to get a good reading of Monkey’s face, they’ve scheduled another ultrasound for our next appointment. And we’ve scheduled that one for after lunch. So hopefully, Monkey will be a bit more cooperative.

Also, Monkey’s legs were very firmly crossed this morning so we don’t know if Monkey is a boy or a girl. I still think girl though. I just wouldn’t know what to do with a boy…


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