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My First Mother’s Day

Even though Dan will tell you that I’m not a Mommy yet (an excuse to get out of buying me a present, I’m sure!) I am a Mommy-to-be. I’m glad the rest of my family decided to include me in the weekend’s Mother festivities b/c it made me feel like I’ve been welcomed into some sort of club, and I’ve always been a huge fan of this particular club!

Dan and I went out to dinner with my parents on Saturday night to celebrate Mother’s Day with my Mom. And yesterday we drove out to my MIL’s house for the day.

Starting from the bottom left hand corner:

  • An “I love Grandma” bib from my Mother-in-Law, who does not wish to be called “Grandma” but would rather be called Kim or “K”. We’ll see how long that lasts!
  • A frog stuffed animal from my Mother. You’ll notice that it’s not a monkey for Moneky and that’s b/c before my niece was born, we called her Tad Paul and now that she’s here her favorite stuffed animal is a monkey. My Mother is convinced that our little Monkey will be obsessed with frogs as a result!
  • A NASA dish set from my Sister-in-Law who just got back from an internship for Nasa. I’m in love with this dish set, especially b/c that cup still has Pluto as a planet!
  • ┬áMommy & Me frame from my MIL that I cannot wait to put a new ultrasound picture in! Counting down the days until June 9! One more month!!
  • San Francisco bib and onesie from my MIL. She and her boyfriend went out to San Fran to visit my SIL while she was at NASA.

My sister gave me these, this morning:

She swears by Trumpette socks. She insists that they’re the only socks that remain on stubborn baby feet! I can’t wait to put these on my little Monkey’s feet!

It’s so weird to think that I’ll have a 6 month old by next Mother’s Day! Let’s hope it doesn’t get here too quickly!



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